BrainPort Allowing The Blind To See Using Their Tongue

Many gadgets have popped up in the past that have promised to give blind people sight, but none of them are quite as cool as the BrainPort, a device that takes advantage of the users tongue to gather information needed to "see."

The BrainPort works by gathering information about the users surrounding using a pair of specialized glasses, that info is then sent to a lollipop type electrode array that users place on their tongue.

Finally the gathered information is then passed onto the visual cortex of the users brain where it converts the information into "images." With a grid of 600 electrodes that send pulses which are dependent upon how much light surrounds the area of sight, the person using the device actually ends up "seeing" their surroundings with their tongue.

It does take several hours of training to use it, but after that users say they can make out shapes and even read large signs shown to them.