Exoplanet Hunting Telescope Online This Fall

The Gemini Planet Imager, an exoplanet-hunting telescope, is set to go online this fall. The Gemini Planet Imager is heralded as being far more advanced than the current array of telescopes tasked to search for planets orbiting distant suns.

What this essentially means is that the new silicon systems will allow for a higher definition image of those distant orbital bodies. When compared to what we are currently able to see, this is a huge leap forward.

Well, for centuries man has been blind as to the nature of our home system, how it was formed, where we came from, where we’re going. It is the hope of the scientific community that we will garner a better understanding of the answers to some of those questions. Observing how other stars’ orbital bodies behave can lend a lot of insight toward our own situation.

Peering out across the interstellar void has always been something not easily accomplished but as we move further into the 21st century, expect to see more technology like this appear on the market.